Are You Using These Two Hidden Secrets To Write Catchy Headlines?

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Content surrounds us in many different forms. From videos, infographics to blogs and other articles, content is a great medium to communicate to people who are interested in the same subjects that you are. However, while you can write an amazing piece, it doesn’t necessarily mean that your content will be read. Did you know that for your content to be read it needs to have a catchy headline? A catchy headline is key to the success of your blog. This expert guide will give you the top two hidden secrets to transform your boring headlines into those that stop and demand attention. Let’s have a look.

Methods To Writing Catchy Titles For Your Blogs

  1. Know The Core Traits

A title needs to be strong, engaging, and offer value to the reader. There’s some building blocks that you need to consider to help build an engaging title. These building blocks include:

  • Topic: The topic of your title is important. It needs to be relevant to your readership and targeted audience. If it isn’t relevant, then your readers aren’t going to be interested in what you have to say.
  • Length – The length of the title should be short, precise and to the point. Many people will look over a really long title. In short you only have a few seconds to gain their interest. If a title takes too long to read you’ll lose interest straight away. The title should be 10 words or less.
  • Language – The language on how you create your title should contain power words. Power words are words that create a sense of urgency, intrigue or passion when a person reads your title. It should also make it clear to the reader what the topic is about.

These are the three core building blocks of writing a catchy headline for your blog. Once you know these core traits you can then work on making it engaging.

  1. Make It Engaging  

To catch your readers attention you need to make your title engaging, unique and overall interesting. Interesting titles are those that stop the readers in their track, it evokes curiosity that needs to be satisfied. So how do you generate this curiosity, you ask? Here’s some ways you can achieve this:

Use Numbers

Numbers are a great way to stop people in their track. Numbers are relatable and they tell the reader the limit of how much is written in the content. It can also show that you’re more credible and that the work has been researched when a percentage sign has been added. For example:

  • 80% Of People Will Win Lotto This Year Because Of This Trick!
  • 5 Ways To Help Get Your Baby To Sleep

Use Emotion

Using emotion in your titles can also make it engaging for your readers. You need to hit their pain point when creating titles that trigger emotions. Here’s some examples below that would trigger the pain point of someone who needs more money and who feels as if they’re constantly failing in life:

  • Don’t Fail In Life Anymore With These 3 Hidden Life Secrets
  • Gain Access To $500 More This Year With This Trick

Evoke Curiosity

Like the last few examples you need to also gain their curiosity. Curiosity can be done by giving your readers something to be curious about. As you can see from these examples below it makes you curious because you want to know what happened to the businessman or you want to know what everyone is trying to get their hands on:

  • Can You Believe What Happened To This Business Man?
  • What Is This One Thing Everyone Is Trying To Get Their Hands On?

Ask Questions

Ask questions to help make your title more engaging. Questions also arise curiosity and generally leave the reader wanting to know the answer. Here’s some examples of question titles below:

  • Why Are 70% Of People Still Making This Blogging Mistake?
  • How Is This New Beauty Secret Not A World Wide Success?

Use Power Words

Power words are words that help to drive more connection with the reader. It gives your titles a sense of urgency, passion. Power words are words such as ‘Free’, ‘Secret’, ‘Discover’, ‘Miracle’, ‘Remarkable’, ‘Killer’ etc. Now let’s take a look at before and after titles with and without power words, as you can see the titles with the power words tend to drive more interest than the ones without it.


  • New Anti-Aging Serum Available That Works


  • Discover The Miracle Anti-Aging Serum With Remarkable Results!



  • Get This Baby Tip Ebook To Help You Through Tough Times


  • Download This Free Ebook To The Hidden Secrets Of Baby Rearing

Use Capitals

It’s a good idea to use capitals at the beginning of the title words to make it more professional looking. This includes the subheadings as well. You’ll find readers will take you seriously if you work on using capitals on each letter. For example:

  • Are you using these hidden secrets to write Catchy Headlines
  • Are You Using These Hidden Secrets To Write Catchy Headlines?


Writing a catchy title is about how to make it engaging. As you can see it’s all about how you use your words to your advantage. So, are you ready to create amazing titles that sell your work?

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