Killer Tips On Becoming A Powerful Blogger That Generates A Grand Blog

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Blogging is a great way to tell people about important topics that you may be interested in or have answers to. However, not everyone knows how to start or how to become a successful blogger that drives traffic to their website. If you’re hoping to become a professional blogger, this expert guide will give you some of the killer tips on how to become a powerful blogger that can generate a grand, high authority blog.

How To Be A Powerful Blogger

  1. Write Well and Be Informative

The first key to becoming a successful blogger is to be able to write well and be informative. Anyone can write, however, writing well is a combination of art and science. The language that you write in needs to be fluent, have perfect grammar, and minimal spelling mistakes. The reason for this is that when you write well and be informative your readership will take you seriously. Blogs that have broken words, grammar or just have boring information won’t be of interest to your readers and they won’t take you as a serious contender against your other competing bloggers in your industry. To write well you need to consider a few things. These are:

  • Practice, practice, practice. If English isn’t your native language, practice it until you get it right.
  • Research your audience and what they want to read. You can research your industry using google search engine. Simply put a question or keyword into the search bar and see whether any questions come up. If there are, use this as a guide on the topics that you should write about.
  • When covering a topic, make sure you go into detail about it. Giving detailed information will help your audience more than just writing a generic topic overall.
  • Check your work for spelling mistakes and grammar mistakes. Even if you have to let it sit for a day and then take another look at it. This will help to you see it with fresh eyes.

Writing well is all about practicing and researching the right content for the right audience. By writing well you’ll be taken more seriously than if you take 10 minutes to throw some content together.

  1. Avoid Duplicate Content

People are tired of seeing duplicate content. Duplicate content is where people copy and paste pieces of an article into the article they’re writing or completely copy and paste the whole article to their own blog. Duplicate content is a huge mistake. The reasons why it’s a mistake and you shouldn’t do it is because:

  • It can hurt your website ranking when trying to build a powerful blog.
  • It can hurt your reputation as a high authority blogger because you’re reusing information.

You can use duplication checkers such as to check if your content is free from duplication. If it’s not, then you need to adjust it until you have plagiarism free content.


  1. Design A Great Blog

It’s important that you design a great blog layout which is easy to use, is appealing and is easy to navigate. Many new bloggers when designing a site tend to create a mediocre website to hold their blogs. This is a big mistake. If you’re truly serious about blogging and you want to make your website successful, you need a great layout. Some things you can consider include:

  • Having the navigation points across the top of the page or down the right-hand side of the page.
  • Having easy to find categories and a search bar which allows your readers to find what they’re looking for fast and efficiently.
  • Use blog colours to represent your blog. Using one or two bold colours that match can help you improve your blog’s appearance greatly.
  • Make sure the images that are used on your blog are of high quality. While you may have to pay, sites such as are great places to find exceptional quality imagery.

The design of your blog is something that your visitors are going to see first. Whether you’re a health blog, finance blog or a wine blog, the design is a crucial element to your overall success.


  1. Keep Your Blog Maintained

When blogging you can’t just write a few blogs and let the site do the rest. It’s an ongoing maintenance that requires constant attention. Whenblogger you’re selling your blog to your readership you need to:

  • Update your content regularly. It’s a good idea to update your content 1 to 2 times a week. Don’t just update for the sake of updating, when updating your content it should maintain the highest level of standards.
  • When releasing your content make sure it’s on the same day every week. People like consistency and when they get to know the release day and time they will anticipate the next blog the following week.
  • Share your blogs on your social media pages to help gain more exposure for them. The more people know about your blog the better your blog will become.
  • Don’t forget to reply to comments. Your readership will like it when you interact with them and will make them trust you and your site more.

Keeping your site maintained and on schedule will help to improve your chances of becoming a powerful blogging force that’s hard to compete against.


Blogging isn’t for the faint of heart, it’s a long-term commitment that requires skills, hard work and a lot of patience. However by taking these tips into consideration, you can become a powerful blogger and create a grand blog. So are you ready to make your mark in the blogging world?


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