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    Transparent SEO Without All The B.S


    Are you tired of paying agencies to “DO SEO” each month without really having any idea what’s happening to your hard-earned cash? SEO isn’t some dark art which can only be done by qualified professionals. In-fact, there are few SEO qualifications or government regulations to hold this industry accountable which is why it’s such a hot mess.

    When you boil it all down, search engines like Google Just Want You to:

    • tick Create content for your audience that answers their questions
    • tick Create valuable content that other websites will want to reference in their content
    • tick Maintain relevant content which matches your website niche
    • tick Show consistency with your content and what you post about

    This increases your website authority and rewards you with organic traffic and sales. We may not be able to control search results, but we can give you the best chance possible to drive visitors to your website. You’ll know exactly how your $$$ are being spent every step along the journey.

    Our SEO Methodology

    Here at Pursuit, we’re firm believers that any good SEO strategy needs to be documented and shared with your team to ensure all the moving parts (and there’s plenty) are working cohesively and the work being completed is done with intent.

    SEO is typically broken down into steps:

    SEO Strategy Documentation

    By failing to plan, you are preparing to fail. The first step in the SEO journey should always be a thoroughly documented plan which will steer the direction of everything that follows. It’s important to know the search terms you want to target, which pages on your website you need to optimise, the content strategy and more.


    Once the strategy is complete, there will generally be some technical changes required to the website to ensure it’s “search engine friendly”, along with site speed, core web vitals, URL hierarchy. The list goes on, but the strategy will dictate the changes which need to be sent along to the development team for execution.

    Content Creation

    The foundations of every SEO strategy is good content on your website, this includes both your website copy, blogs and information pages. The strategy will include the topics and best type of content needed to attract users to your website.

    Link Building

    Collaborating with digital publications to earn backlinks is the single most important thing you can do to increase your SEO traffic. Finding websites who’ll reference your content will help build domain authority and this is an indicator to Google that you’re a legitimate and trustworthy business.

    Rinse & Repeat

    Every 3-6 months you’ll typically want to review you SEO strategy. This means checking the progress you’ve made, what you’re competitors are doing, aligning your business goals with your SEO goals, making adjustments, then moving through steps 2-4 again.

    In Pursuit Of The Perfect SEO Strategy


    We have spent years developing the knowledge on executing the perfect SEO strategy, which will not only see your rankings soar but also deliver true ROI.

    Our strategies set the foundation for a successful campaign, and we leave no stone unturned to ensure we execute this stage right which will set your campaign up for success. The level of detail we provide will give you the comfort and control to understand how your investment will be spent and give you a clear road map for success.

    Our strategies showcase a 12-month road map covering the below topics.

    • Technical Audit
    • Internal and external links
    • E.A.T
    • Keyword research
    • Competitor research
    • Pillar and cluster strategy
    • Link-building strategy

    Check out this case study which includes an example of what our SEO strategy looks like.

    On-page Optimisation

    Let Us Do It For You

    Contrary to popular belief, Technical SEO is not required every month. Our philosophy around On-page SEO is it’s essential, and we work hard within the first three months to ensure all areas which are required to be improved are addressed before moving to the next stage.

    On-page SEO is very similar to building the foundation of a house. As a builder, you wouldn’t start adding the floor, frame, or roof until this is in place. SEO is no different. You must lay the foundation properly to ensure your website is Google friendly and set up for success.

    We’ll work with you to either complete the development changes ourselves or co-ordinate with your preferred website developer to have everything updated in a timely manner. Our development team will be on hand to help along each step of the process so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

    Content Production


    Gone are the days when you could write a keyword-rich blog which Google found useful and reward you with increased rankings. These days, the content needs to be quality, offer value to your customers, and answer the search question. There are also various criteria your content must address, including word count, E.E.A.T guidelines, pictures, reference articles, and so much more.

    The good news is that we are absolute experts in this field, we have dozens of content specialists to help produce all types of content for your website. No content writer is a specialist in all things, especially when it comes to your business. But with some guidance from you and your Account Manager, we’ll create beautiful content which makes you look like an expert in your field.

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